Free standing pieces, best displayed on a shelf or table…

255x 160 mm, 25 mm thick 

1 person $340, 2 people $400 (example below), 3 or more people $460

150x 95 mm, 25 mm thick

1 person $240, 2 people $280, 3 or more $320 (as below)

75x 95 mm, 25 mm thick  

1 person $180, 2 people $220 (as below), 3 or more $260 

50x 70 mm, 20 mm thick 

1 person/or animal $170 (as below) 

Wall hanging piece

60x 85 mm, 5 mm thick

1 person $120, 2 people $160

All prices are in NZD and exclude postage.

I will begin your portrait once I have received either a deposit of 50% or payment in full, whichever you prefer. 

When I am almost finished, I will email you a photograph ‘check in’ of the painting, at which stage I welcome any requests for little changes or amendments that you might have. I’m happy for there to be a bit of a back and forth until you are pleased with the outcome, it is useful to have feedback during the process as often features that are dominant in real life can be hidden in photographs. I will endeavour to produce a painterly depiction of your commissioned image that holds a sparkle of the subjects character. 

Most works need around 2 weeks to complete but let me know if you have an urgent deadline. 

To arrange a commission please send me an email at with the image you would like to have painted, I look forward to creating a miniature painting for you.